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Communication is online classifieds brand established by Swedish company Kontakt East Holding


The Swedish team wanted to promote mutual advantages – the seller gets rid of an item unnecessary for him and this makes the buyer happy.  But we decided to find more motivating message and did not rely on the altruism of Russians. 

The feature of our country is the small size apartments where several generations often live together. Therefore, we built our strategy around the mess in the apartment. can be an unexpected source of money. The money comes from nothing, from the mess. The inspiration came from observation of the ways people try to clean up the space in their flats: moving stuff to the summer houses, granting things to acquaintances, keeping children’s oversized clothes for later.

We’ve seen the ways people are trying to get rid of the chaos: they take the belongings to the countryside, present them to friends, save child’s clothes for future use. These observations were used as a source of insights.


Despite the company value of $2.7 billions, the third place in the Russian Internet website rating and double profit markup in 2016 there wasn’t a reason convenient enough for self-complacency


Avito was the brand that turned offline advertisement market to online. Despite the company value of $2.7 billions, the third place in the Russian Internet website rating and double profit markup in 2016 there wasn’t a reason convenient enough for self-complacency. The next step for Avito was transferring from desktop to mobile version. Our task was to make sure consumers associate Avito with the mobile app.

Within the first 9 years we’ve developed the unique brand character and communication tone – in 2016 the time came to surprise our consumers. Here is where the unusual style for Avito TVCs comes from; we show situations that don’t assume selling something so the Avito showing up is quite unexpected.



After releasing the updated app with more modern interface and functionality we have changed the main focus of communication to the speed of sale and its convenience available for users.

The idea that the fastest way to get rid of things is to sell it via the AVITO app was shown in new digital videos in more vivid and unexpected way.



10 years ago Avito became the first website offering selling things, not buying them and soon took the leading role in the category. The audience was growing as new vendors were joining Avito constantly. The growing number of advertisements caused the increase of demand because it is easier for consumers to trust well known website. The most difficult part about communicating with consumers is the existing of many stereotypes about buying secondhand belongings. However, the market is changing everyday so as AVITO.

Step by step more advertisements about selling new or “almost” new things were showing up, things that have been bought by mistake, received as gifts or used only once.

The number of shops on AVITO is also growing along with the number of “newer” things for sell, however the price for them stays relatively low in comparison with the market.

This is the real advantage for the customer. The possibility of getting a thing of good quality for lower price is the best motivator.

Avito has stepped into a new category where the contest is held not only between traditionally classified players but also for the customer’s choice of where to buy.

The starting point for the new advertising campaign was typical behavior of a modern customer: “check it, touch it, but buy it via the Internet because it is cheaper!” As Avito consumers have particular barriers, each of the three TVCs was aimed to destroy one.



New Year is certainly the busiest time in marketing. Great number of advertising campaigns tries to use the short period of increased consumers’ demand at best value. The maximal effectiveness get those brands associated with the holidays themselves: family feasts, snowballs and other games out, New Year Eve.

The aim of the contest in communication is to take place in this period. The time before New Year is filled with buying which means the best time for selling (so as for the vendors and Avito) comes after New Year.

Short digital commercials were launched during the first days of 2017 and were based on well known behavior patterns associated with holidays in January.

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