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The leadership at the free ads market allowed to develop two independent branches – Job and Service.

The Job branch was made by websites of special purpose. However these websites have an audience that doesn’t consider words like “proactive” or “bonusing” the ones they use constantly.  This audience is larger than it seems as the basis of the labour market is composed of drivers and nannies, managers and accountants. Websites of special purpose did not have any impact on the audience’s behavior.

People still begin their search for a job by advice of friends but not by composing the CV. The employers do the same and that’s why employers and employees cannot meet for a long time.

We’ve decided to make an unusual media strategy of advertising campaign to outline the gap between employers and employees. 

The first wave of the campaign included two TVC divided in a block of ads: the first TVC doesn’t have any branding – a person shows up on TV and asks to inquire about the job. 

The second TVC shows us the happy ending of the first wave stories: employers and employees have found each other through

During the fist day of TVC broadcasting the page views of reached a record of 150 million per day.

The second campaign wave includes a series of posters for bus stops and transport. The brand suggests spending time while travelling productively by looking through job offers via mobile phone. 


The succesful launch of new service in 2013 initiated two independent branches: AVITO Job and AVITO Service.

Within the next two years large multibranch companies have begun posting their jobs, the website turned to a serious and popular tool for the new employees searching. We have widened the shooting space for our characters. We’ve claimed the scale and new level of the website but kept personalized communication that is so understandable for our viewers.



AVITO Job offered new opportunities for employees after the active growth of job offers. The new campaign message was expectably logical to continue the campaign: now it is possible not only to look through jobs but also to show employers your CV. It is easy enough for AVITO users to post their CV as they’ve already posted offers for sale and know perfectly well where to lay emphasis.



By 2017 Avito Job has been still growing solidly.  HR specialists began to use this new tool for recruiting new employees. The number of jobs for white collars has increased so the qualitative and quantitative levels of applicants have been promoted too. In the new campaign we have decided to change the tone and to go back from personal communication. The new spiral of the campaign meant we have to claim the new level of the companies. 

The main advantage of AVITO Job over well-known job websites is relevancy of jobs and CVs. Every other CV has been posted on the website for several years, and we do not delete it but do not follow its renewal. The same happens with jobs: recruitment agencies call you but do not understand completely the specifity of your work experience or the jobs are not relevant anymore.

New TVCs series was based on the idea of opposing the quality of the new tool to the quantity that is often something competitors are proud of.  

New TVCs series was based on the idea of opposing the quality
of the new tool to the quantity that is often something competitors are proud of.  

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