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The succesful launch of new service in 2013 initiated two independent branches: AVITO Job and AVITO Service.

The first large-scale federal campaign of the “Service” branch had the aim of claiming the new possibilities of the service – the use of the app for finding the right worker for each task – and detaching this new direction from the search of an employee or a job. 

The most serious barrier towards turning to the search of specialists via the Internet is a longstanding habit of searching “by word of mouth” and concerning friends and relatives’ experience and recommendations.  Description and photos posted on a website do not lend credibility or give any guarantee. To the habitual set of doubts about different online services one more is added – the fear of letting a stranger in the house or of getting the result of bad quality.

Taking into consideration the above we see that in real life consumers would rather listen to advice of a person – even if this person is quite a stranger or incompetent – than use some service no matter how circumspect, qualitative and convenient it is.

Starting to explore this new territory we’ve decided not to oppose the well-known consumer’s world or to fight the desire of “consulting”. We have focused on the opposite – the possibility of discussing all the details with the worker – and this possibility became the key advantage of communication. In the series of two TVC we showed the workers themselves – real people behind the photos in the app and on the website. In each episode they answer simple common questions using the language every consumer is used to. This helps to demonstrate the professionalism of our workers and their accessibility, proximity to consumers.

The overall campaign results showed that the approach we’ve used allowed to draw customers along with increasing the growth of new ads at AVITO.

«The overall campaign results showed that the approach we’ve used allowed to draw customers along with increasing the growth of new ads at AVITO»


Moscow and Saint Petersburg are traditionally the most progressive cities that respond to new services and grow faster, which means competition between two main markets of the country is always highly intense. The more potential for consumers’ growth are the regional Russian markets. The new “Service” communication wave was focused on several strategically important regions. The aim of campaign 2017 was to show the wideness of the service possibilities in the first place.

Consumers have mastered the new possibilities of AVITO for solving traditional problems (such as jobbing, loading, household appliances repair) reasonably quickly. However it was necessary to tell in more detail that it is possible to find cosmetologist, hairdresser or driver using the same app.

The advertising campaign included 2 TVC, a series of OOH layouts and digital-campaign. We’ve decided to demonstrate the variety of specialists at AVITO, the flexibility of the app by demonstrating real life situations.  It often happens so that one simple action leads to a series of unexpected consequences and ends by a small catastrophe. You never know how many specialists you’ll need to fix the situation and what they’ll be like.

The OOH advertising continued the idea of combinating the incompatible tasks. Home tasks are being amassed and postponed, but as soon you find some time to repair the plumbing or the windows you remember other tasks. The cleaner comes to your house while you’re having your nails done or the electrician to set up a socket will be found along with the serviceman to renew the broken screen.



*Hundreds of workmen in one app

The campaign continued by three waves of digital banners. Two of them were aimed to final customer showing the examples of completing simultaneously several incompatible tasks.


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