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Bitrix24 unites 12 tools for business functioning – from mail
and calendar to telephone and CRM. This isn’t just some new product but the whole new category.  Small and medium
business understands how innovative and performant it is
but for them Bitrix24 is too “IT oriented” brand and its understanding of business operations problems
in Russia is far from reality.

There are lots of advantages exposed by interviews with clients: simplification and acceleration of communications, more
effective work of the employees, manageability increase, etc.
This seems impressive if we consider all them as a whole,
however taking into consideration each of them individually
is insufficient to persuade the heads of the companies
that their problems are being understood.

For example, for the small and medium business
CEOs the implementation of solutions is the most
important issue.  Any solution itself may be the
most genius decision ever but is worthless until
its implementation. Bitrix24 allows observing
the process of solution implementation
on a real time basis.

“…for us it was important not to show
this process through Bitrix24 tools
but to link simple units of measure with each tool. 
This approach will help the brand leave the frames
of IT-world in the future and deal
with almost any issue…”

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