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The Russian courier delivery market is developing now in both quality and quantity directions: courier services are beginning to compete with logistic companies by offering cargo and package deliveries. However most of the clients still consider them only as the “postmen” and pay attention only to the speed of the documents’ delivery.

We have decided to use those who come first presenting the
brand to make the customers notice all the changes. Those are not managers or directors, but a courier working from the early morning. His turning to a business partner from an executive will show the scale of the brand changes.


*Our courier will help to complete the project.
Delivery of reports and other parcels


The advertising campaign allows to demonstrate the possibility of accomplishing the tasks of different levels of difficulty: from the visa processing to sending the bulk. The series of messages is based on the real everyday problems of clients. During the year the layouts of the series had been showing in the OOH and professional magazines.


*Our courier will help with  the accounting.
Delivery of invoices and other documents


*Our courier will help to organize the event.
Delivery of invitations and other documents

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