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Cornersy – the whole-grain chips representing an alternative to potato chips and other snacks

In 2018 Dr. Körner introduced the brand new product – Cornersy («Корнерсы»), the whole-grain chips representing an alternative to potato chips and other snacks. It is not the first time Dr. Körner being a path-breaker at the market: the whole-grain crisp-breads that are now some kind of the brand’s signature line were the first ones produced by the grain pop technology. The brand is well known by adherents of healthy lifestyle and eutrophy. However, “the snacks territory” is a serious and ambitious task.

It is not an easy time for chips, fast food and soda water market. Conscious consumption, healthy eating and lifestyle trends along with the sport are changing people’s habits, but the problem of combining taste and healthiness stays acute. Harmless dried fruit or flax seeds will not replace crispy potato chips while watching football game or will not provide plenty of taste.

It is the healthiness that is the core of the new product. The same grain pop technology is used to produce the chips. However the basic idea of the chips is taste and enjoyment, same as of potato chips. The second stage of production – “taste adding” – replicates the technology of potato chips production and provides rich taste by covering the product with spice uniformly. 

Those familiar with the Dr. Körner brand will not miss the launch of the new product. The target audience for the launch became the young generation of 18-35 years who are keen on being on trend: being healthier, eating healthier, training more often, but who are also not ready to change their habits completely. The TA also includes male audience for whom the issue of calories or fat is less sensitive. The most important thing was not to become a niche product by laying too much emphasis on healthy way of living and eating but to stay modern, stylish, light and tasty product. First of all, Cornersy are chips: bright, tasty and youthful, for snacking and alive relationship.

The advertising campaign under slogan “Cornersy are allowed!” began in April 2019

We used the common opinion that chips are junk food that should not be eaten as a basis. Our creative communication shows this conviction in the context of well-known situations: eating chips at the cinema is annoying, eating chips in the museum is equal to the lack of culture, eating chips at the gym causes disapproval. We have widen the number of consumption situations and went beyond the frames of taboos and convictions of the healthy lifestyle adherents. We have worked out an unusual message: when potato chips are not allowed – Cornersy are allowed!

The commercial was to be shown at the cinema and on the Internet. The campaign also got the online support in social networks with the participation of bloggers.

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