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Growing competition with national retail chains in the Central Region – Elex’es home region – forced the company to create new shop formats and new departments. As a result, the brand covered appliance stores, digital shops and supplementary services (delivery service, maintenance shop, etc.). A new brand strategy was supposed to help Elex build a multichannel merchandise plan, and a new corporate identity and communication would make the brand recognizable.

The research shows that the customers like the fact that Elex has local origin, they respect the brand and even take pride in it.

We decided not to look for a common denominator for the different types of Elex’es shops and services, but to maintain their individuality.

The new Elex is a synergy
of several businesses,
several Elexes



The new identity lays stress on each subbrand’s individuality, but stays integral. The names of the subbrands became simpler and more emotional. The appliance stores are now called “Home Elex”, the digital shops are “Digital Elex”, and the delivery service is “Fast Elex”. One more subbrand, “Your Elex”, has been added to the range. It is used for the HR and corporate communication purposes.

The new strategy enables Elex to come up with appropriate messages for every situation, depending on the subbrand the consumer makes contact with. Elex always speaks from the first person. It makes the message personal and accentuates the subbrand’s individuality.

It is especially important for the advertisement of the shops, where the retailer’s brand must not be lost near the vendor’s brand and product.

“…Each Elex has its own
unique and vivid character.
At the same time, each Elex
works towards the general
brand perception.…”

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