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In the beginning of the 90s the KEY stores gained the reputation of being professional and single-purpose by virtue of wide range and experienced selling assistants.

However, turned out that in the 00s the good reputation wasn’t enough to compete with the emerging store formats: household
appliances discounters and big-box stores. Moreover, the researches we’ve made showed that this particular image even causes damage to the brand.

The advanced audience considered KEY as the store for those who don’t show any discrimination in the technical equipment. The unadvanced audience considered KEY as the store for professionals.

We’ve developed the positioning that gave the active and clear role to the brand: KEY helps the customer to find a common language with the equipment. Only a professional can turn the simple to the complex and to discover something new in what is already well known.


*old logo


The KEY stores gained the reputation
of being professional and single-purpose by virtue of wide range
and experienced selling assistants


We’ve decided to start the communication with the customers in the earliest stage – by the logotype instead of the stage of advertising communication.

We’ve made the KEY logotype live. The equipment (square) and the human (circle) communicate with each other and help the customers to find the right answers to their questions.

The talking brand characters are even more useful in the stores of the new format: there are fewer assistants there and the characters are incorporated into the interior and talk to the customers from the screens.


*The man and machine


The launch of the new strategy began with the teaser campaign showed in the subway. Within a month the image and product
strategies were launched along.

The use of the brand characters in the advertising allowed to make even the vendor advertising recognizable although the retail brand has only the quarter of the layout.

The renovated brand was able to detach itself from the traditional offline retailers, so the following advertising campaign was directed against the online retailers whose customers consider the prices on the Internet to always be lower in comparison with the store. 


*You’ve known us for 20 years… Do you recognize us?


*We send up your mood. We send down our prices.
Only for tablets?
For other equipment too.

Every two years we develop a new creative frame based on the existing communication platform

The offline-retail part has changed completely over the past two years. Consumer wants to be assured he has made the right choice in contrast with the previous will to be helped to make the right choice.

According to the results of the focus group tests and interviews with store managers and sales assistants, it is essential for consumers not to lose their money when reducing the chance of a mistake to minimum.

People transfer from well-known mid-price segment to low-price segment because of the crisis. This segment has changed a lot within the past few years with the new Chinese brands emergence and the new bars of low-price products by the A-class brands.

Customers look for the answers to the emerging questions in the Internet but the growing amount of information and its diversity preclude them from making the clear choice. Instead of getting the answers consumers only find more questions.

This is the moment when KEY can steal the spotlight. Whenever the customer finds a problem or a contradiction, it is time to go to KEY as the competence of the salesmen and the specialization of the stores are still the strongest advantages of the brand in the eyes of the mass audience!

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