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KEY +1



Loyalty program

Retailers’ wage the fight for the customer’s
wallet nowadays both literally and figuratively.
There are plenty of loyalty programs and this
makes customers to choose what cards to put
into their wallet and which ones to leave at home.

The previous program based on the map
of personal prices made after rebranding
was revised. The new bonus program
for regular customers lays emphasize
on simplicity and transparency: each point
is equal to a ruble so the customers could
spend it as money. 

As the result of all loyalty programs
is almost the same (gifts and prizes),
we had a task to make the process
of gaining points exciting.



The loyalty program was named “+1”
not only because of the points a customer
gets. With each point customers make
a small step towards something new:
new possibilities (the more points,
the more possibilities), new friends
and new viewpoints.



We have turned the KEY loyalty program
into the possibility of “developing” yourself.
We suggested charging uneven number
of points (always adding one more point)
to strengthen the feeling of continuity.
The creative concept works well with both
individual and juridical persons and does not
require any adaptation.

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