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The availability of the equipment and low prices on the Internet often prevent retailers from gaining money from the gadgets themselves. Some retailers consider the store brands as the profit contributor. In 2014 KEY – the equipment store chain – has developed its own accessories store brand KEYO!

The new brand had to support and complete the parent brand –
KEY. We’ve decided to avoid talking about KEYO! accessories helping to accentuate individuality as lots of accessories brands do so. KEY is a professional and an intermediate between the man and the equipment. It can teach your gadgets something new.

With the help of KEYO!
gadgets become more
colourful, more attractive,
more functional



The messages being attractive and effective within the store space were developed for each product category of accessories. The POS-materials being used help to distinguish the KEYO! accessories from the communication of the parent brand.

This strategy has not only allowed to create the same communication for different accessories but also to form the criteria for developing new accessories.

*KEYO. Your equipment is capable of something more

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