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Communication is the leader of the Russian market of e-books is the leader of the Russian market of e-books having the market share of 60%. The brand consider this to be only the beginning of its path as only 30% of the books were downloaded after having been paid for.

The new communication strategy has to work with both types of readers – those who are used to downloading books for free and the mass audience that reads both online-books and paper books at the same time.

The great barrier of the electonic books category is the lack of emotional constituent that exists in “cordial” reading of paper books. This leads to the conclusion that opposing e-books to the paper ones will be no use even with the strong points (e.g. lower price). We have decided to promote the e-books as the new stage of traditional books development.

The e-books are the same but much more convenient – they do not consume the space in your bag, you can read them anytime and anywhere, you can also listen to them.

Along with these advantages – that were to be told the newbies about – Litres has the unique advantage for both user categories: the latest books are available on Litres before they are delivered to the bookshops.

We have made the e-books feelable in the TV commercial by using the visual technique of paper books turning to the electronic form. The remake of the plot from well known “Operation Y and Shurik’s Other Adventures” allows to show all the advantages and to reflect emotionality and e-book reading process engagement.

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