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MICHELIN is one of the summer tyres market leader. However car enthusiasts are reluctant to believe the French producers when it comes to Russian winter. A well-known stereotype stating “Where is France and where is the Russian snow and snow drifts” often precludes consumers from taking the product reality adequately. In this reality MICHELIN winter tyres are as good as the market leaders’ because of the constant technique development.

The primary choice factor for tyres is safety. The traditional approach for promotional campaign has always been based on exaggeration of the key qualities: roadability, brakeage, road adherence. However it is important to take into consideration that MICHELIN has a huge brand history and its primary mission is to make people more mobile.


*Weather forecasters predict frosty, but relatively dry and sunny winter. The first snow will fall only by the end of November.Learn how to prepare for winter


The “Enjoy the winter” campaign started from the launch of the promo website with an interactive map of Russia: during the first stage users could see the winter settling gradually in different regions of the country.

In the meantime the Facebook group of the brand was being reactivated with some new unique content arising telling about rational advantages through showy tests and videos.

The campaign got a lot of support through the special Gismeteo project realization: it contained the answers to the most important questions, such as how do tyres work in different weather conditions, when it is the time to change the tyre, what type of the road surface is safe for the MICHELIN tyres?

Users were getting advices about road safety every day depending on the weather conditions. Sections about travel conditions, workload of tyre services and useful advice by automobilists were added.

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*Meet the winter together with Michelin 

During the second stage of the campaign more action was taken in the social media. More informative and useful content promoting basic RTBs through the joy and drive on the road was posted. The website turned to a winter guide.

After the winter had settled in the whole country we turned the website to a guidebook telling about how to spend the winter: region journeys, interesting routes, entertaining events. Also the competition among the most active users was held.

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*Now the onset of winter throughout. Russia can be monitored in real time on the web site Interactive map of the onset of winter, topical tips on preparing for the car operation in the cold season, ideas for winter travel and gifts! Meet the winter with pleasure together with Michelin! 


*Menu: Winter with pleasure | Events | Travels | Winter drive academy | Prizes

“…we turned the website
to a guidebook telling about
how to spend the winter:
region journeys, interesting routes,
entertaining events.…”

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