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Mobius is a leader of new (for Russia) category named self-storage. The culture of distant things keeping already exists in Europe
and America. Russians use storages mainly during renovations or moving, sometimes for so called seasonal keeping. The market growth is in progress basically at the cost of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The majority of brands at the self-storage market belongs to developers who divide.

Dominant position in the market and regional expansion give Mobius a chance of becoming the symbol of this category. We’ve decided to present 1 Mobius as a unit of measure in things keeping.  This makes the line of product perception easier as it is based on a scalable unitary module..

The Mobius storage advantage is mobility as the company uses container-type modules. This allows opening new storages at a short period.


*old brand logo



The new brand logo kept the modularity but it was used for creation of a recognizable symbol in accord with the strategy – the M letter.

The Mobius storages will be placed in every district in some time, they will become a part of the infrastructure so as metro or stores.


The structure of the slogan
represents different consumption situations: this allows appealing
to each target population



A series of educative digital banners and integrated advertising campaign were developed to present the brand in the city of Kazan in accord with approved strategy including outdoor, radio and transport advertising and POS materials.

The campaign was focused on the brand and category unawareness to make the consumers intrigued. The Mobius module became the protagonist of layouts series for outdoor and transport advertising. The questions’ form allows developing the brand idea in some unconventional media and commenting on the lack of habitual things and elements of the urban view.


*Where do our neighbors keep their skis in summer?
The Seasonal Storage Measurement Unit


*Where do shops hide their new collection while selling an old one?
he Business Storage Measurement Unit

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