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The online shopping market is growing fast, and it is very important for the leading brand that newcomers make their first online purchase at Strange as it seems, the considerable variety of goods (at that point, there were more than 2 200 000 items listed on, from latest electronic devices to clothes and household chemicals) could scare unexperienced users away. They do understand the benefits of online shopping, but cannot bring themselves to make the first step.

To help them make this step, we chose the format that would look familiar to people who are new to the Internet. The first thing that people learn to do online is communicating with friends – via email, social networks or Skype.


The heroes of this series of 15-seconds commercials
talk to their friends and relatives via Skype and invite
them to go shopping together and to buy everything
they need – gadgets, clothes, makeup –
without leaving home.


It has not been long since online shopping started to become popular in Russia, and the brand’s target audience is very heterogeneous. People who are new to this concept still have a lot of barriers and fears, because they do not fully understand the mechanism of online shopping and know very little about opportunities and services offered by

At the same time, loyal clients wait for the brand to take steps that would make shopping easier and prices more affordable.

Having these two parts of the audience in view, we launched an educational project and a loyalty program. 

As it is common for the online shopping newbies to learn from their more experienced friends and colleagues, we decided to ask real internet-shoppers to tell the audience about the opportunities offered by How does the delivery system work? What is the best strategy to choose a present? The most unbiased and useful information comes not from the brand, but from its clients.

For the communication with the loyal clients,
different approach was chosen. The OZON Status
loyalty program laid stress on their privileged
position. It allowed OZON to stand out against
other online-shopping brands, whose loyalty
programs were aimed at the clients’ desire
to save more money.


Every purchase can turn to gold!

When shopping with and OZON.Travel, don’t be surprised, if one of your purchases gives you even more OZON Status privileges 

20% discount on everything at least 4 times a year 
Free delivery
Gifts and much more


How many people have already received the Gold Status?


The Online Shopping Academy came as a consistent sequel to the “People talk” campaign. The project’s webpage drew considerable traffic, although its content was solely educational and no additional promo was used.

In our OZON Status communication, the prestige of the levels is balanced with irony of presentation. The names of the levels are shortened, and the photos are augmented with graphics.


*Online Shopping Academy
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Meet the professors of our Academy, the users. Watch their stories and share your own shopping experience in the comments under our lessons.

“I think, buying online is great!”

“As well as makeup, bed linen, mobile phones... well, practically anything. And all this without even leaving home!”

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