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Techport is an online hypermarket
of equipment and household appliances.
Nowadays the whole category of online
markets is taken out of consideration while
searching for and choosing the products.
These markets emerge within the buyer’s
eyeshot only at the stage of choosing
the market to pick up the product –
but the product itself has already
been chosen on Yandex Market
or some other source.

The buyers put little value upon online
markets because of this fitness of things –
sales manager is considered to be
a telephone operator and his advice
and recommendations mean nothing
to customers. We have decided to use
the authority and holding power
of the producing brands to make
the online market brand valuable
for customers.

The following positioning
was formed: you can trust
Techport as the producers
trust it


This positioning is supported at the product
level: Techport is an official dealer of many
brands; the Techport specialists are certified
to install and service the equipment;
the vendor’s representatives constantly
hold trainings for managers and so on.

We’ve developed the new brand identity
and brand book along with the new
positioning. The new logo plays upon
one of the meanings of the word “port”
to detach itself from the brands with
similar names (e.g. Technopark).
The name writing and the logo form
distinguish the brand from the others
when all the websites and pick points
seem identic.  



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